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HELP ! I got a new ICS run Android but can't install clockworkmod
By femoric9
On Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:08 PM

Pls come to my aid !
I just got a new Android Tab running ICS 4.0.4,i bought it from nigeria, its named 'VANTIUM' powered by websoft ( a nigerian/chinese firm).
I bought it because it's cheap and believing iwill be able to explore it to d fullest,by installing my own preferable custom ROM, but it took me almost 2 weeks to get it rooted (thanks to 'UNLOCK ROOT' ).
Now,my problem is installing clockworkmodrecovery since ROM Manager will not support it and i don't even think d tablet hasmarket outside nigeria,so I'm not expecting a future support for it soon.
Now,my problem is how to install clockworkmod recovery,so that i can install a reasonable custom rom cos d Tab is too slow for my liking,eventhough it's ICS.
I've tried downloading d clockworkmod recovery for samsung galaxy tab 2 because the Vantium tablet is modelled after the galaxy tab 2 (it's almost a direct copy of it) and i tried installing d clockworkmod recovery through d stock recovery mod,but it always get stocked at d point of replacing stock recovery with clockworkmod recovery and when i press d power button it shows d clockworkmod interface but it is always too small and d screen is divided into 3 with each section showing d same clockworkmodinterface with very small font.
When i try using d interface to wipe my cache,backup and install my custom ROM itreturns me to d 'replacing stock recovery with clockworkmod recovery'.
The luck i still have is that my tablet still works well afterwards,just by pressing downthe power button for some seconds,it reboots to d normal stock ROM and keep working properly.
And if i reboot it through d clockworkmod recovery during d 'replacing stock recovery with clockworkmod recovery' it just shows dbig green batery like logo (but i believe its d recovery logo) with a red triangle like danger warning and then i hold down d power button again and it reboots to d normal stock rom.
Pls,my android tab specifications are below for any help !
Model number - Vantium.
Android version- 4.0.4.
Software version- 1.4.
Kernel version- 3.0.8 usermdy@ubuntu#353. Fri Jul 13 15:55:17 CST 2012.
Build number- crane-hn-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20120713 dev-keys
Thank U as u help out,God bless Droidforum developers.


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